I, Angelique McQueen, declare and state as follows:
am the Petitioner herein. I have personal knowledge of the
following facts. If called upon I could and would competently
testify that all the facts contained herein are true and correct
from my own personal knowledge.
I am requesting that the Court modify certain portions of
the Judgment of Paternity including child support and those
paragraphs concerning confidentiality.
By way of background, the Respondent OSCAR DE LA HOYA is
the father of Devon, now age 6.

Mr. DE LA HOYA is a well know prize boxer. His income has been reported to be in excess of $35 million per year. Mr. DE LA HOYA presently pays to me $3,000.00 per month as and for child support. In addition, Mr. DE LA HOYA is to pay all of Devon's health expenses. Notwithstanding, Mr. DE LA HOYA has chosen to not have any visitation or contact with Devon even though I have attempted to encourage such contact. Due to Mr. DE LA HOYA's
notoriety and the "circle" of people that hang around him I am
unable to communicate with him directly [examples discussed infra].
It has been my desire to advise Mr. DE LA HOYA that his son is
suffering tremendously by not having Mr. DE LA HOYA involved in
Devon's life. Devon knows who is father is. Devon wants to tell
everyone. He, of course, is proud to know that his father is so
famous and actively involved in the community. Notwithstanding,
feeling restrained, 1 have attempted almost daily to convince Devon
that he should not divulge his father's true identity to his
friends, class mates, etc. I am now seeing that making up stories
and excuses will no longer work with Devon. This is complicated by